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Dear friends of the Stella School!

Good news right from the start: We have again been granted the right of public access for the secondary school for the current school year 2022/23, and also the right of public access for our new primary school in Seebenstein – a great joy for everyone! We can now spend the last two school months concentrating on our normal school routine, “unburdened” by the questions of the external examination.

We have done and achieved a lot in the last few weeks and still have a lot to do – here are a few key words:

The construction of the new school campus on the Donauplatte is progressing quickly and on schedule.

There was a wonderful spring festival for the kindergarten and primary school, in perfect weather, organised by the parents’ association and with the broad cooperation of parents, teachers and children.

The children of the secondary school are in preparation for the Leadership Day on 4 May (to the invitation). At this event, the 2nd grade will also present their self-produced book “Exciting Stories” from A-Z – a cross-curricular project that was created on the occasion of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and was carried out as part of service learning. In addition to the added value of the book itself, the children also did their own fundraising and will give the proceeds to Hilfswerk International for a project in the earthquake region.

Preparations for the 5th grade are underway. The Latin course for the newly registered children has already started – registrations are still possible. You can find more information here.

Und nicht zuletzt wieder in Blick nach Seebenstein, wo die Kindergartengruppe wächst und die Anmeldungen für Volksschule und Mittelschule für Herbst voll im Gange sind. Der nächste Informationsabend findet am Dienstag, 16. Mai um 18 Uhr statt – Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, sich den neuen Standort anzuschauen!

And last but not least, again looking towards Seebenstein, where the kindergarten group is growing and the registrations for primary and secondary school for autumn are in full swing. The open day will take place on 5 May – you are cordially invited to come and see the new location! You can find more info here (German).

You will find details and examples of the individual topics in the reports.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Yours sincerely

Heidi Burkhart & the team of Stella International School


Stella Spring Festival 2023

This year we could finally celebrate our spring festival again! In beautiful weather and after a Holy Mass, the children were able to demonstrate their singing and acting skills. Together we had a meal and a lively exchange among the parents.

Stella Seebenstein

On our regular forest days, we enjoy the beautiful countryside around our campus. We always find a nice spot for a snack as well.

We celebrated the Easter Octave with great joy. We enjoyed many delicacies at the richly decorated table.

During our visit to the Hermannshöhle in Kirchberg am Wechsel we could not only admire the extraordinary stone formations, but also an unusual number of cave dwellers (bats). On the way back we discovered a rare fire salamander

This month we had a visit from Kroko, and he told us a lot about dental hygiene.

So that we can harvest in autumn, we already start preparing the vegetable beds.

On 24 April 2023, our fourth grade class visited St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria. There we were guided to the most important and interesting places in the city. After lunch, we visited the sound tower in the Landhaus district, as well as the meeting room of the Landhaus, where we tried our hand at being members of parliament of the future.

Hort (Vienna)

After a strenuous morning at school, the children have a great need for exercise. This makes the visits to the surrounding playgrounds on the first warm days of the year all the more enjoyable! The children love swinging, playing and climbing in the sun.

But even when the weather is not so nice, it can be just as nice to build a cave in the cube!

The children had a great time in the after-school program during Holy Week. They baked, went on excursions and dyed Easter eggs.

Kindergarten (Vienna)

On Easter Tuesday, the excitement among the children was naturally great. The children discussed the miracle of the resurrection, then they went off to search for Easter nests. One group also had a picnic in the park. In the end, each child found their filled basket.

A few days ago, the oral health team visited us in kindergarten. The team comes twice a year and teaches the children about proper dental care. Each time the children get a toothbrush and this time the preschoolers even got a small box for their milk teeth.

Primary school (Vienna)

Tuesday morning we met at 7.30h at Praterstern, from where we took the train to Leobendorf. Once there, our adventure began. Together we went up through the forest to Kreuzenstein Castle. There we had a break on a beautiful playground.

Afterwards, we immersed ourselves in the world of the Middle Ages. The armory, knights’ hall, castle chapel and kitchen provided us with an exciting insight into the time of the knights. As a crowning finale, we then visited the bird of prey show at the Eagles’ Observatory. The wealth of information about the various birds of prey came alive as they flew directly over our heads.

It was a great day and thank goodness the weather was right.

We from 2a and 2b successfully participated in the Kangaroo of Mathematics competition. In logical thinking we are on top!

The visit to the Natural History Museum was all about dinosaurs, which we learned more about in the workshop lessons. The workshop at the NHM (National Museum of Natural History) was not only informative, but also interactive.

In the Danube Floodplain National Park we discovered an eyrie of a white-tailed eagle. Furthermore, we learned a lot of new things about forest animals, for example, that the antlers of deer are made of bones. During the walk through the forest we even discovered a terrapin sunbathing.

Secondary school (Vienna)

The students of the 2nd grade have carried out an interesting service learning project:

A book project with exciting stories was carried out in the subjects of German, visual education and digital literacy.

The students sought sponsors for the printing costs and the money raised from the sale of the books will be donated to the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey via Hilfswerk International.

Some remaining copies of the books can still be purchased at Leadership Day on May 4 at Stella Gymnasium.

Congratulations to the second grade class who spent many hours working on this project and learned a lot in the process!

Plastic, three-dimensional sculpting gives the students a physical experience that offers many possibilities for expression. The 2nd grade had great fun kneading and modeling the material. A wide variety of objects were created, which were painted after drying before being allowed to be taken home.

Egg cartons are not only an exciting material, but with a little imagination you can see very interesting shapes. For example, elements of a face, such as eyes, noses, ears and mouths.

Visual education is not only about art, but also about the artist. In this unit, we discussed works by Pablo Picasso. Afterwards, we played “Dice a Picasso” to put classic representations of Picasso himself on paper.

In Creative Design, the students dealt with the topic of caricature and which aspects are important for the drawing style. Within a short time, the students developed and drew their own figures and caricatures.

During a supplier lesson, the 2nd grade organized themselves to work on a book.