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Dear parents, dear people interested in Stella Primary School!

Our school is a place where children feel comfortable, but also challenged. We know today that the primary school years are the ‘golden age of education’. The most important foundations are laid during these years.

In close cooperation with the parents, we give the children the ‘tools’ for a successful and prosperous life.

The children learn skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and they begin to discover the world. Above all, they build attitudes and habits that will carry them through life: How do I treat my fellow human beings? How do I learn to use my freedom with responsibility? The formation of good habits and attitudes is deliberately cultivated at Stella International School.

We do our utmost for the children out of a Christian motivation. The good development and successful learning of the children is a matter close to our hearts.

I am proud of our school, of the great children and of the outstanding team of teachers and so many supporters who support our school with great enthusiasm.



Andrea Bernhard , BEd
Direktorin, Stella International School

Primary School News

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Stella International School came into being on the initiative of a group of committed parents. We seek to provide a cosmopolitan education centred on values that will enable young people to forge the society of tomorrow. Public funds cannot cover the crucial extra support, inspiration, resources and activities a Stella education gives.

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