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Our uniforms

Living community

We value the sense of community at Stella. One way we show this is by the uniforms our children wear. You will be able to order uniform once your child has been given a place with us.

Because all children wear the same t-shirt or the same sweatshirt, they intuitively understand that they are a group that belongs together and that outward appearances don’t matter – it’s what’s inside that counts.

You can order the starter set as well as individual supplementary pieces directly under the attached link.

Order uniform

Children’s and parents’ views

“’I like my uniform; now I'm a real Stella kid, like my friends!’”

A child

“‘Mornings are much quicker with the uniform - we have enough stress with all the other stuff, at least we don't have to negotiate about clothes any more...’”

A mother

“‘I saw the children playing so happily in the park - the nice uniform added to my good impression!’”

A passer-by in the park