Kindergarten Uniform

Our uniforms

Living community

We value the sense of community at Stella. One way we show this is by the uniforms our children wear.; you will be able to order uniform once your child has been given a place with us.

Because all children wear the same t-shirt or the same sweatshirt, they intuitively understand that they are a group that belongs together and that outward appearances don’t matter – it’s what’s inside that counts.

You can order the starter set as well as individual supplementary pieces directly under the link below.

Our uniform (starter set) looks like this:

  • 3 short-sleeved polo shirts (choice of colours)
  • 1 long-sleeved polo shirt (white)
  • 1 fleece (dark blue)


  • Short-sleeved polo shirt: 15 EUR
  • Long-sleeved polo shirt: 18 EUR
  • Cardigan: 27 EUR

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Children’s and parents’ views

“’I like my uniform; now I'm a real Stella kid, like my friends!’”

A child

“‘Mornings are much quicker with the uniform - we have enough stress with all the other stuff, at least we don't have to negotiate about clothes any more...’”

A mother

“‘I saw the children playing so happily in the park - the nice uniform added to my good impression!’”

A passer-by in the park

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