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The Stella Campus

We are a committed, visionary school community dedicated to providing young people with an excellent and comprehensive general education, character development and, at secondary school level, leadership skills.

At Stella, we believe in:

  • empowering young people and their families
  • the value of taking on responsibility for oneself and others
  • living a purposeful life in line with a vision
  • the strength of community

“The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, ‘He who trains the mind only and does not also train the heart does not give education.’ These are words we at Stella have taken to heart. The development of character strengths via a comprehensive character education programme is at the core of our educational approach from kindergarten right through to the completion of secondary schooling. At secondary school level, we add in development of leadership skills for all students and for those parents who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity.”

Dr. Heidi Burkhart

Stella International at a glance

  • We follow a systematically structured curriculum for the development of good habits and attitudes (generosity, honesty, self-organisation, respect and responsibility for oneself and others, etc.)
  • We coordinate educational targets and objectives with parents via regular parent meetings
  • We provide each student with individual mentoring
  • We practise and model a living faith, which we believe helps form the foundations of a well-rounded personality
  • We offer bilingual tuition in German and English for full participation in a globalised world
  • We give targeted support to students’ gifts, talents and social skills

Would you like to support us?

Stella International School came into being on the initiative of a group of committed parents. We seek to provide a cosmopolitan education centred on values that will enable young people to forge the society of tomorrow. Public funds cannot cover the crucial extra support, inspiration, resources and activities a Stella education gives.

For this reason, we ask you to please support us with your donation!