Secondary School Uniform, 1st-4th grade

Our Uniforms

Growing in community

Young people are in search of their individual identities and love to express themselves. We respect and welcome this, because this emergent independence is part of healthy development for young people at this stage of life.

At the same time, we at Stella International School believe that the best way for a young person to express and reflect their personality is in their inner values, their gifts and interests, and their interaction with others – not in status symbols. We also place emphasis on being a school community. For these reasons, students wear a school uniform throughout their time at our school. We believe that this also prevents students becoming distracted from their academic work and social development by matters of fashion.

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School uniform for every day and special days

Our students wear the school uniform in class, on field trips, during PE, at school activities and school festivities.

Everyday uniform

Everyday wear is dark blue trousers; girls may choose to wear a knee-length skirt with dark tights instead. Appliqués and ‘used-look’ holes are not allowed.

Uniform for special days

Students will need smart dark (preferably black) shoes for special days. Girls will also need white tights.


Second-hand uniform items in various sizes are often available at school. Please contact the headteacher’s office if you would like to avail of this.

Further information

Complete school uniform set

Our complete school uniform set contains 18 individual items to fit out your child for all seasons of the year. The school uniform package can be customized based on size and quantity.

You can buy additional items should your child lose any or need new ones.


The cost of a complete set of school uniform consisting of 18 individual items is 190-220 euros.

You can order through the school or directly from the manufacturer via this link: Link to Marks & Spencer

Everyday uniform for boys

3x white short-sleeved polo shirts

2x white long-sleeved polo shirts

2x green sweatshirts

2x dark blue sportswear trousers

2x sportswear T- shirts

1x green baseball-style cap with logo

1x green PE bag

Boys’ uniform for special days

1x white short-sleeved shirt

1x white long-sleeved shirt

1x green V-neck jumper

1x tie

1x smart dark blue trousers

Everyday uniform for girls

3x white short-sleeved polo shirts

2x white long-sleeved polo shirts

2x green fleece

2x dark blue sportswear trousers

2x sportswear T-  shirts

1x green baseball-style cap with logo

1x green PE bag

Girls’ uniform for special days

1x white short-sleeved blouse

1x white long-sleeved blouse

1x green buttoned knitted cardigan

1x coloured silk scarf

1x dark blue pleated skirt

Order Uniform

Please order the uniform directly from the manufacturer. Uniform should include all items specified on the lists for everyday and special-day uniform.

Children’s and parents’ views

“’Getting dressed in the morning is easy and quick. It means I can stay in bed fifteen minutes longer.’”

A student

“‘I'm glad there can't be bullying at our school because of what we wear. A friend of mine goes to another school and he's always really stressed out because he really wants the jeans or shirts that everyone thinks are cool.’”

A student

“‘I know a lot of families where there are always arguments over the clothing issue. We don't have that problem.’”

A father

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