Leadership team

Mag. Elisabeth Dlugopolsky


Telephone Directorate: +43 (0) 1 36 111 60 30

Mag. Evelyn Kropfreiter

Deputy Principal, School Development and Coordination of Pupil Mentoring


Andrea Schörghuber, BA

Finance, Administration


Team of teachers, school year 2023/24

List of consulation hours (school year 2023/24)

All our teachers can be reached at the following email address: [First name].[Last name]

Telephone number staff room: +43 (0) 1 36 111 60 32

Brunner Marina

Mag. Marina Brunner


Comisso Gloria

Gloria Comisso, BEd


Dlugopolsky Elisabeth

Mag. Elisabeth Dlugopolsky

School Principal, Geography and economics

Gómez-Fiegl Carmen

Dr. Carmen Gómez-Fiegl

English subject coordinator


Farmer Johannes

Mag. Johannes Farmer, BA

German, Geography and economics, Career Orientation

Head of class 2nd grade

Kiesewetter Susanne

Dr. Susanne Kiesewetter

Latin, Spanish, Music

Head of class 5th grade

Kropfreiter Evelyn

Mag. Evelyn Kropfreiter

German, Russian, Performing Arts

Head of class 3rd grade

Mladensich Daniel

Daniel Mladensich, BA


Ogrodnik Michael

Michael Ogrodnik, BA

Mathematics, Physics

Schenkir Bernadette

Bernadette Schenkir

Physical education girls

Spalek Christian

Dr. Christian Spalek

Religious education, School chaplain

Schöllauf Teresa

Teresa Schöllauf, BEd


Schörghuber Clemens

Mag. Clemens Schörghuber

German, Religious Education

Staudenbauer Johannes

Johannes Staudenbauer, BA

Technical and textile handicrafts, Digital basic education, Fine arts education

Trachta Maria

Mag. Maria Trachta

German, History

Quiroga Grace

Grace Quiroga, DI

Language assistant

Volochshuk Alexey

Alexey Volochshuk, BA

Physical education boys


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