School management

Andrea Bernhard

School management

­­­Secretariat phone: +43 (0) 1 361 88 99

Teachers, school year 2023/24

Compaore Veronika

Veronika Compaore, MEd

Class teacher

Heißenberger Marlies

Marlies Heißenberger, BEd

Class teacher

Kahlig Elisabeth

Elisabeth Kahlig, BEd

Religious teacher

Ledebur Beatrice

Beatrice Ledebur, BEd

Class teacher

Maric Karolina

Karolina Maric, BEd

Class teacher

Piller Marie

Marie Piller, BEd

Class teacher

Posch Claudia

Claudia Posch BA MSc

Class teacher

Unger Emilia

Emilia Unger

English teacher

Unrau Maria

Maria Unrau, MEd

Class teacher

Yin Lisha

Lisha Yin, MA

Class teacher

Zutz Deborah

Deborah Zutz

Class teacher


Koger Johanna

Johanna Koger

Guitar teacher

Kubovicsova Katarina

Katarina Kubovicsova

After-school educator

Lukova Rada

Rada Lukova

Piano teacher

Mandl Veramaria

Veramaria Mandl

After-school teacher

Osaragi Yumiko

Mag. Yumiko Osaragi

Piano teacher

Stadlbauer Monika

MMag. Monika Stadlbauer

Piano teacher

School Chaplain

Spalek Christian

Dr. Christian Spalek

School Chaplain

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