Parental contribution and scholarships

Childcare Grant

Your parental contribution for a special place

Your parental contribution is an investment in a kindergarten that offers that crucial little bit more:

  • A diverse range of opportunities for play, discovery and learning
  • Competent and caring educators
  • Attention and support for children and parents in accordance with your needs

Pricing information

Half-day care (incl. meals: mid-morning snack)
185 € (12x / year)
Part-time care (incl. meals: mid-morning snack and lunch)
295 € (12x / year)
Full-day care (incl. meals: mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack)
330 € (12x / year)

Sibling discount

For siblings attending one of the settings on the Stella Campus (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school).

2nd child of a family attending a Stella Campus setting
- 15 %
3rd child of a family attending a Stella Campus setting
- 25 %
4th child of a family attending a Stella Campus setting
- 50 %
5th and further children of a family attending a Stella Campus setting
exempt from parental contributions.

We’d like to help

If you would struggle to pay the parental contribution, please reach out to us. We may be able to award you a grant   from our scholarship fund, made possible by donations, to cover the contribution.


A scholarship fund is being set up for the Stella Kindergarten, from which scholarships can be awarded annually. The number of scholarships to be awarded is determined by the amount of money available in the scholarship fund. In special cases, applications can be made in writing, enclosing proof of income for both parents and sufficient justification in a personal letter.


Would you like to apply for a scholarship?

Would you like

to support us?

Stella International School came into being on the initiative of a group of committed parents. We seek to provide a cosmopolitan education centred on values that will enable young people to forge the society of tomorrow. Public funds cannot cover the crucial extra support, inspiration, resources and activities a Stella education gives.

For this reason, we ask you to please support us with your donation!