Primary School Uniform

Our Uniforms

For us, school is a community

We are a school and learning community where inner values matter. Our school uniform shows the outside world our sense of community.

We are delighted every day when we notice how the children see themselves as a community, growing closer together and forming friendships. We believe our school uniform helps pupils understand that appearances and status symbols don’t matter and that interpersonal connections are what counts.

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School uniform for every day and special days

Our pupils wear the school uniform in class, on field trips, during PE, at school activities and school festivities.

Everyday uniform

Everyday wear is dark blue trousers; girls may choose to wear a knee-length skirt with dark tights instead. Appliqués and ‘used-look’ holes are discouraged.

Uniform for special days

Children will need smart dark (preferably black) shoes for special days. Girls will also need white tights.

Uniform instruction sheet


Order Uniform

You can order the uniform directly online from Please make sure you order all the components on our list, for both everyday wear and special days.

Children’s and parents’ views

“‘I love my school uniform. I couldn't wait until I finally got it.’”

A child

“‘Finally the children have stopped comparing who has the coolest and newest superheroes on their T-shirts.’”

A mother

“‘What a relief - I don't have to think about what the children should wear in the mornings...’”

A father

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