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To the photos and reports

Dear friends of Stella School!

The year 2024 has started off with momentum. Our Stella children are as happy and active as ever — when I walk through the corridors of the school, I sometimes feel like in a beehive.

This Friday was the end of grades, and in the last week before the (well-deserved) vacations, things are a little more relaxed: our teachers organize excursions, workshops and the like to give the children some nice and enriching experiences at the end of the semester.

2024 will also be a very eventful year, we are moving to Donaucity in the fall. Once more I want to thank each and every one of our supporters.

Enjoy reading the newsletter!

Sincerely yours

Heidi Burkhart & the team of Stella International School


Stella Salzburg

Link to the current Salzburg Newsletter (German)

Stella Seebenstein

On February 16 at 18:00 there will be an information evening in Stella Seebenstein. We produced a short video, which you are welcome to forward and distribute!

Stella Vienna Kindergarten

What do you need in winter apart from warm clothes? That’s right – a pharmacy nearby so that you can get all the little aches and pains from coughs to colds under control.

That’s why we set up a pharmacy in the kindergarten. The pharmacy is open around the clock during kindergarten opening hours and is always busy! ūüėä

After the last few cold days, when it was sometimes a bit icy, the children showed great interest in “ice”. One of our educators has prepared various experiments for this purpose. What does ice feel like? When does it melt? And what is actually hiding in the ice?

Stella Vienna afternoon care

Two of our afternoon care groups went on an excursion to the Kunsthalle Wien in January. There was an interesting guided tour during which the children had to complete tasks. A special highlight was a “giant air cushion” on which the children were allowed to play around. This was followed by a printing workshop, which produced some fantastic works of art. The children were able to gain lots of experience and be as creative as they liked.

Stella Vienna Elementary School

The first grades had their first project day in Religious Education. Many children took their children’s Bible with them from home. They then compared them with each other and studied them. We investigated the question: Why is the Bible called the book of life? The children learned some interesting things about the origin of the Bible, and everyone tried to find their favorite story.

The 1st and 4th grade had a small market project. With a lot of love and imagination, the 4th graders independently prepared different market stalls. The first graders then visited the market with a shopping bag, an individual shopping list and their own paper money. Here, they were able to prove directly how well they can calculate with euros.

At the beginning of January, the 4th grade visited the ORF backstage and was allowed to research, compile and film a report about meerkats in a workshop. The children then went to a real television studio, where they learned a lot about television.

Stella Vienna Secondary School

In the secondary school, our students are currently working at full speed on the school’s internal drawing and art competition on the subject of “School of the Future”. Based on the move to new school buildings in the next school year, the pupils visualize their wishes and ideas for their school of the future. The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will follow in February.

In the 1st grade, everything revolves around the stationary drilling machine. For the practical part of the drill driver’s license, the students make their own pen holders from Swiss stone pine.

After sewing by hand, the students are currently working with a sewing machine. With great enthusiasm and motivation, the 2A produced transparent paper garlands as decorations for their class.

The 5A students were able to learn and try out for themselves how to program a microcontroller to measure humidity.