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Our school is a place where children feel comfortable, but also challenged.  Today we know that the ‘golden age of education’, the elementary school years, is when the most important developmental foundations are laid. Children learn skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and they begin to discover the world they live in. Above all, they also develop attitudes and habits that will carry them throughout their entire lives: How do I deal with my fellow human beings? … (read more)


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for mothers

Pilates Tuesdays at 8:10 am

“A healthy soul in a healthy body” – we do not only wish this for our children, but especially also for our mothers! The course is guided by the experienced pilates trainer and physiotherapist Elisabeth Pulker.

Fitness Thursdays at 8:10 am

ActiveMami wants to awaken the joy of exercise among moms and to motivate them to not only be active during the classes but also in their daily life. The classes will be guided by fitness trainer Miriam Radovac.


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