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Newsletter November 2023

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To the photos and reports

Dear friends of Stella School!

The last few weeks in Vienna have been dominated by construction progress on the Donauplatte. Organized by our project partner DCWaterline (S+B Group & STRABAG), an exciting guided tour took place for the 3rd and 5th grammar school classes at the construction site.

A short time later, a group of supporters and interested parties, equipped with helmets and good footwear, were able to walk the shell of the building. It is an impressive experience to see this building, which is built directly over the highway, grow!

Many parents have gratefully noted that we have introduced the “Holy Ween” festival: a cheerful alternative event, as you can read in the reports, and an encouragement to the children for the good and beautiful!

St. Martin’s Day was once again a highlight everywhere. Our children and students had interesting projects going on – outdoors in nature, in the museum, creative activities in the school itself.

Information events and registrations are currently in full swing at all locations. From fall 2024, we will offer grades 1-6 at the Gymnasium. We are looking forward to welcoming many new children and young people!

I wish you all a peaceful Advent season, sincerely yours

Heidi Burkhart & the team of Stella International School


Time-lapse construction work Donauplatte

Stella Salzburg

Link to the current Salzburg Newsletter (German)

Stella Seebenstein Kindergarten

Together, we worked out the story of St. Martin and then presented it to parents and grandparents at the St. Martin’s Day festival through drama and music. The children were enthusiastic about it and touched our hearts. We then paraded around the school building with the lanterns we had made ourselves and shared croissants by candlelight at the pavilion in the school garden. It was an atmospheric celebration on the eve of this great saint.

After an exciting atrium lesson – this time we learned about the geography of the Holy Land – we hurriedly set about baking, as the kindergarten also wanted to make a contribution to the Advent Mile in Seebenstein. Meanwhile, the whole school building was filled with a wonderful aroma and gave us a cozy atmosphere.

Yay! Today is forest day again!

Wrapped up warm, the kindergarten children set off in the direction of the Seebenstein fallow deer enclosure. The walk leads along the forest nature trail and thus offers the opportunity to get to know different types of wood and also to explore the different sounds of the woods. We marveled at the nature in autumn with all our senses. We found moss on trees, rummaged through piles of leaves with our feet and smelled the forest air.

On the way home, the children even discovered a small parasol. We were filled anew with gratitude and amazement at God’s beautiful creation!

Stella Seebenstein Elementary School

Our workpieces in November turned out really beautiful. Each child made an animal puppet. Now it’s time to play.

Illustrative lessons turn even a math lesson into a highlight. We measure the length and width of various objects and calculate the circumference.

The 3rd and 4th graders as well as our youngest students baked until they were sweating. Afterwards, a few hard-working girls got the school desks clean again in no time.

Stella Seebenstein Middle School

On the first weekend of Advent, the Seebenstein Nature Park once again hosts the Advent Mile. We from the Bildungscampus are also represented with a stand (hut 33 😉)! Homemade gingerbread and children’s punch will be on sale.

For this reason, the pupils of Stella Seebenstein secondary school made an effort to bake gingerbread, pack it in little bags and even decorate it with a self-designed card. Our target (250 units) is almost reached! We would also like to thank the parents who helped out.

Stella Vienna afternoon care

What a beautiful lantern parade from the Stella afternoon care! The children had been looking forward to the event for days. We paraded through the streets with colorful, self-made lanterns. On the way, cheerful lantern songs were sung in honor of St. Martin. After a walk around Bednar Park, the group gathered in the courtyard to enjoy the cakes baked by the children.

Stella Vienna Elementary School

On November 3, we celebrated Holy Ween. The children dressed up as their patron saint or favorite saint.

In addition to cocoa and Striezel, we heard a lot about the life stories of the saints presented by the children and then had lots of fun playing games together.

Together with foresters from the City of Vienna, class 4a enlarged Vienna’s green spaces and planted young trees and shrubs. The excursion was muddy, but beautiful. We planted a total of 69 trees and enjoyed tea and fruit after the work was done.

A few days ago, our primary school children had the opportunity to try out a wide variety of crafts at over 20 stations in the craft workshop.

Last Monday, the 2B visited the Vienna Water School in Favoriten, where we learned more about water through play.

This month, the 2A also had the opportunity to climb, do handicrafts and…

… Celebrate Holy Ween!

Stella Vienna Secondary School

This time, the 2A team ventured into the Egyptian-Oriental collection at the KHM. With a professional guide, who was quite surprised at the amount of questions, the educational excursion went into the starry hour collection of excursions. Simple, but good! Many thanks to the KHM!

Stella Parents (Vienna)

A few weeks ago, the parents’ association held a family hike in the Lainzer Tiergarten in beautiful sunshine – with nice encounters, a walk and a picnic.