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Dear visitor,

it seems that we made a small error in the mailing. This is the newsletter of January 2023, if you are looking for the February newsletter, please click here:

Dear friends of Stella International School!

The beginning of the new year was marked by many beautiful and important events: We now signed the lease for the new building on the Donauplatte for the entire Stella Campus. This is another milestone for Stella. In less than 20 months, we will be able to move our kindergarten, elementary school and high school to the new location.

We also celebrated this event at school. With our elders, the children from the 2nd grade secondary school, we toasted with children’s champagne.

We are happy to take you again to a short insight into our everyday life:


Our daily routine includes a few minutes of classical music. The children learn about different composers and their music. For this purpose, we have invited a children’s theater. The KlassikCool! team prepared the famous suite “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saëns as a participatory theater suitable for children. The animals were brought to life with a piano and a cello. What was especially exciting for the children was that they were fully involved throughout the entire piece.

Primary School

The 2nd graders are in space fever and eagerly exploring the planets of our solar system.

We (the 2nd graders) love community games in gym class and also like to make up our own games.

The 2nd graders visited the Theater Akzent again in January. It is always an exciting experience for the Stella children to go to the theater and meet the actors. One day we travel to the moon and the next day we are in the middle of “Emil and the Detectives”.

Class 2a went to the Papyrus Museum (Hofburg) yesterday and learned not only what papyrus is made of, but also where it comes from and what was written on it. The children were also allowed to write on it. They all wrote their own names in hieroglyphics.

As a surprise to everyone, the inauguration of our President took place at the Heldentor (Heroes’ Gate), which we were able to attend briefly. An exciting day for all of us.

In mid-January, we went ice skating with the 3rd grade to “really” experience winter this year.

On January 13, 3A visited the Digital Campus A1. Here the children were able to program their own computer game.

The topic of the workshop was “Life under water – learning programming for a sustainable world”. In teams of 2, the children had to insert and edit the individual building blocks using a block-based programming language so that their programmed fish would swim to where it was supposed to go.

On January 23, 3A went on a field trip to “Stadt(t)räume” (“City spaces/dreams).

At the beginning, they discussed what elements make a city a city in the first place. Then the children thought about what they would like to have in their city: a park, a lake, a state opera, an ice cream store, a thermal bath, a cinema,… Each building and element was voted on and also where it should be built. After the joint planning, the joint building could begin.

The children were very excited and they creatively and lovingly designed buildings and elements of a dream city.

During the carnival preparations, the 4th grade came up with something special: they tried their hand at the longest garland in the world.

In science lessons, 4a is currently dedicated to the Romans. During a scavenger hunt, the children received a lot of interesting information about life in the Roman Empire.

Secondary school

At the beginning of December, the first class went on a short trip to the Seestadt to get a closer look at contemporary architecture and urban planning.

From January 16 – 18, the second grade of Stella High school spent skiing days at Hochkar. The weather conditions were ideal and we were able to really improve our skiing skills.

We stayed in an old vacation farm, where we also prepared our own meals and learned a lot in other ways as well. We spent the evenings playing games and having fun together, a perfect way for us to get to know each other better.

This week, we conducted a research project with the 2nd grade on the topic “Myth of Cola”.

In accordance with “research-based learning”, the students investigated various areas of application beyond the pleasure of drinking. Among other things, we investigated the effect of cola on the following substances:

    • chalky substances such as chalk, chicken bones, lime deposits, eggshells

    • rusty metal objects such as pocket knives, nails, nail scissors

    • chewing gum

    • organic tissue such as chicken hearts, egg white/egg white

    • Mentos, baking powder, sugar, salt, chewing gum

    • density comparison cola/water and a clear separation by flotation

In mid-January we were able to round off the upcoming end of the semester with a “round” of ice skating.


Last Saturday fathers of Stella children went tobogganing with their sons. A perfect opportunity to get to know their own children and their fellow fathers better.


It would be helpful if you could help spread the word about the information evenings at the Stella Seebenstein campus (Lower Austria) among your friends and acquaintances (link to PDF here).

We organized a total of 8 evenings until the summer, the next date is on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 6 pm directly at the location of the school in 2824 Seebenstein, Schlossweg 5. Below is a brief overview of the program we will be offering starting in the fall of 2023:

    • Kindergarten

    • 1st-4th grade elementary school

    • 1st and 2nd grade secondary school (i.e. 5th and 6th grade)

With warm regards,


Heidi Burkhart, Chairwoman

& the team of the Stella International School