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To the photos and reports

Dear friends of Stella School!

Another eventful year comes to an end for Stella. In Vienna, the shell of the future location on the Donauplatte is complete, in Seebenstein we have already started with a middle school, and in Salzburg we were able to open an elementary school this fall. A reason for us all to be very grateful. We have already reported on this in previous newsletters.

In this newsletter, we would like to give you an insight into December – and thus also an insight into a very contemplative time. We were especially touched by the various nativity plays in Seebenstein, Vienna and Salzburg, which were largely created and performed by the children themselves.

Sincerely yours

Heidi Burkhart & the team of Stella International School


Stella Salzburg

Link to the current Salzburg Newsletter (German)

Stella Seebenstein Campus

Once again this year, we presented Stella Seebenstein with a stand at the Seebenstein Advent Mile, selling homemade gingerbread and children’s punch. Two days with a lot of of nice encounters and conversations where we had the opportunity to present our school project.

On December 19, all the children from the Stella Seebenstein educational campus performed a nativity play together on the stage of the Steinfeldzentrum Breitenau. In the weeks leading up to the event, they had already been busy practicing and making things (sheep’s ears, campfire, doors, costumes). It was particularly touching to see how responsibly the shepherds from the elementary school looked after the kindergarten’s little sheep.

In the end, the children were delighted with the successful and heart-warming performance in front of around 150 visitors. From the presentation to the individual songs and dances, most of the work was done by the children themselves. We were amazed by the different talents that came to light here. The feedback was outstanding. Finally, during “Silent Night, Holy Night”, the whole hall was filled with Christmas anticipation and gratitude for the forthcoming feast of our Savior!

Stella Seebenstein Kindergarten

Our children were already full of anticipation as they prepared for the Saint Nicholas festival!

And on December 6, St. Nicholas visited us at the Stella Seebenstein campus. The children brought gifts for the Holy Man so that he in turn could help other people. Once again this year, our donation went to the Cenacolo community in Kleinfrauenhaid.

The children were incredibly happy when St. Nicholas named some of each child’s strengths. After singing together, all the children received a delicious snack and a small Santa bag.

Our teacher Mia has prepared a movement unit for us on the theme of “Christmas cleaning” in the movement room. The task was to clean the floor, walls and windows with the “rag”. We then completed various tasks: crawling, climbing, crawling and hanging up stars and Christmas baubles!

Evi really touched us with her shadow theater about our “Good Habit – Generosity”.

It snowed — and so we tested our plate bobs in our garden!

Stella Seebenstein Elementary School

The pupils of the 3rd and 4th grade elementary school had the opportunity to solve an escape room case in the last days before Christmas. In teams of three, everyone managed to find the lost wish lists – a few hours full of concentration, detective skills and fun.

The students of the 3rd and 4th grade elementary school designed our school event calendar this year. Each child was responsible for one box. The box contained various animals that were on their way to Jesus. The pupils wrote a short story in which they described what the animal experienced on the way to Jesus. One box was opened every day. The children were particularly curious about the different stories.

Every day during Advent, we listened to a piece of the Christmas story and sang a Christmas carol together. A special time for all of us, and also a great help in preparing for the Christmas season!

Stella Seebenstein Middle School

Before Christmas, there was also a lot of hard work in art education. The aim was to bring out the most important part of our Christmas celebrations – the baby Jesus!

Stella Vienna afternoon care

December couldn’t have been more Christmassy in the afternoon care: the children baked cookies, sang and even decorated the Advent wreath by hand. The home-made works of art were very well received at the Advent market.

Stella Vienna Elementary School

The visit of St. Francis of Assisi St. Nicholas Day on December 6 was another highlight. Thank you for the commitment of the two Stella fathers, who visited all the classes as Saint Nicholas, and also a big thank you to the parents’ association, who filled all the Saint Nicholas bags.

In perfect skating weather, the children skated many laps and returned to school exhausted but happy.

Over a hundred Stella children were busy making Christmas cards — for their own families, and also for a good cause. After a church service, the tickets were sold for a free donation.

The net proceeds of €225 were donated to Mary’s Meals. With this amount, 10 children can attend a school in their home country for a whole year and receive a warm meal every day. A great thank you to the children.

The 4th class complemented our Christmas mass in the beautiful St. Peter’s Church with a nativity play. Three thieves wanted to steal Christmas. It took a lot of effort to convince them that Christmas, as the celebration of the birth of the Son of God, is a source of love for us all.

Stella Vienna Secondary School

Our students are regularly assigned experimental homework in physics. Before Christmas, cookies could already be baked with the self-made beam scale.

The principle of inertia could also be explained in this way.

Our pupils in the non-binding optional subject of chess – often in very strenuous games!

In interdisciplinary lessons between sport and geography & economic education, all classes have been on the trail of the City of Vienna’s “Sport in the City” offers in the immediate vicinity of the school using calisthenics. Prof. Volochshuk immediately demonstrated his skills and inspired the students.

This year, the Advent wreaths for the classes were tied and decorated by the pupils themselves in all classes at the grammar school. The crowning finale was the Advent wreath blessing.

In the first classes, the pupils sawed, sanded and oiled their own wooden butter knives using technology and design. The freshly spread bread tasted all the better afterwards.

The 2A students were able to see for themselves how quickly a practical bag can be made by hand using a needle and yarn.

The 2A class learned about the art of modeling this semester.