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Personality development at Stella Secondary School

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As a Leader in Me school, Stella Secondary School combines personality development with leadership education, teaching all our students to take on leadership roles and responsibility for themselves and others, involving them in serving others via our Stella community volunteering programme, and providing them with personal mentoring to help them fulfil their unique potential.

(Link to our document in which LIM is presented).


Values and behaviours

Value 1: Purpose and vision

I work to achieve ‘big goals’ with a view to the overall picture


Related behaviours:

– I see the big picture and inspire myself and others to work for it together.

– I share my experience, knowledge and skills with others so we can achieve great things by working together.

– With my overall aims in mind, I am open to feedback and use it to advance my self-development.


Value 2: Responsibility

I show responsibility towards myself, my neighbour and society


Related behaviours:

– I notice others and their needs and make the choice to show consideration to them and act accordingly.

– I approach my tasks proactively and give generously of my talents and time.

– I set priorities, plan my time accordingly, and take responsibility for meeting these priorities.


Value 3: Empowerment

I develop my personality and share my gifts and talents to the best of my ability and support others to do likewise.


Related behaviours:

– I work on myself so I can discover my talents and continuously improve them.

– I help shape the future by applying the skills I have learned and developing them on my own initiative.

– I am mindful and supportive of others in roles and positions of responsibility.


Value 4: Community

I am part of a community of learners who seek to grow together intellectually and spiritually.


Related behaviours:

– I make my talents, skills and time available to our community.

– I show appreciation to everyone through active listening and empathy.

– I actively organise and support community-building activities.