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To the photos and reports

Dear friends of Stella School!

October was an eventful month: the first school work, many interesting excursions, newly projects… In the articles we again give you an insight into the life in our locations Vienna, Seebenstein (Lower Austria) and Salzburg.

On the day of the Viennese schools we were visited by many new families and children who are interested in Stella. The list of pre-registrations and the waiting lists are full, we are constantly approached by interested families who have heard good things about Stella. For us, it is especially rewarding when parents say (and we hear this frequently): “Just like the students who took us through the school and explained it to us, that’s how we want our children to be: open, friendly, confident!” A good testimony, and a high goal!

The Leader in Me program is beginning to bear fruit. It is already the third year that we have used it in Vienna, this year it was also introduced in Seebenstein and Salzburg. Step by step, the children learn to take on more and more responsibility. Teachers themselves receive ongoing training in this program, for parents we offer an 8-part online seminar, “The 7 Ways to Effectiveness.” If you are interested, you can still register. Please just send a short mail to The next module will be held on Wednesday, 11/22/2023 from 6pm – 8pm. The beauty about all this is that Stella is a learning organization – kids, teachers, parents – all pulling in one direction.

In Vienna, we celebrated roofing ceremony in October. A great thank you to all the construction workers for the speedy progress of the new school building.

Enjoy reading and have a great time during the fall vacations!

Sincerely yours

Heidi Burkhart & the team of Stella International School


Stella Salzburg

Good news: our elementary school in Salzburg has started with eight students! New uniforms, a new class in a very nice building.

With the help of parents, friends and supporters, we set up furniture, organized transports, cleaned and furnished the premises. All of this was made possible by the many small and large, but always generous donations and gifts!

Children, parents and team already feel at home. We look forward to all the years in which we can accompany many children as they grow up.

At the beginning of October we celebrated the first school mass, which was also attended by many grandparents. At the end, the children performed a song they had previously learned in English class: Jesus loves me.

And, we have already been introduced to an article in the Salzburger Nachrichten….

… and also the radio visited us at the campus and broadcasted a nice report about Stella Salzburg. (German)

Stella Seebenstein Educational Campus

At October 4, our entire campus celebrated the feast of St. Francis. All educational institutions contributed to the success: the kindergarten baked cakes for everyone, the first and second grade of primary school collected autumn fruits and decorated the table for all 56 children, the 3rd and 4th grade rehearsed some songs and also made up movements for them and the middle school cooked about 20 liters of pumpkin soup for the healthy snack.

It was a wonderful party and at the end there was also a little fluffy surprise: four dwarf rabbits 😊

These get along very well with our three newly hatched chicks. A great thank you to the farmer Pöchhacker for the chicken donation!

Our “bigs” on campus also love the chickens and are caring for our three newly hatched chicks.

Last week, the Seebenstein Volunteer Fire Department rehearsed a fire alarm at our campus. The evacuation of the 56 children worked out exemplary. Afterwards, we were able to listen to the firefighters’ stories and even put on a respirator mask ourselves before we took a group photo with Mayor Marion Wedl.

We took the public transportation from Seebenstein to the Stadthalle Wien. There we watched the musical “Pauline – courage changes the world!” It depicts the life of Blessed Pauline Marie Jaricot, founder of the papal missionary works. Once again, the Kisi – God’s singing kids succeeded in conveying a great message through music and dance!

We were all deeply touched and grateful for this experience. Some of the children had the idea to re-enact the musical in the school garden all by themselves.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength!”

This year again we participated in the initative “One million children pray the rosary”. With many other children around the globe, we prayed especially for peace in the world. The 3rd and 4th grade prepared texts in religion class. Our new students had the chance to tie their own “Stella Rosary”.

Stella Seebenstein Kindergarten

Our Austria Day will remain a special memory for us! The children were invited to come to the kindergarten in traditional costumes. Together we baked an excellent apple strudel and, last but not least, we danced the waltz.

In October, we give special thanks to God for creation and we rejoice in the good harvest. Therefore, our kindergarten children were first outside to collect chestnuts, apples and fruits from the garden and then the children went together with the 1st and 2nd grade primary school with their self-made fruit baskets to the Seebenstein parish church. There, Chaplain Thomas Tsach showed us the harvest crown, we sang a song of thanksgiving and at the end he blessed us and our gifts.

Stella Seebenstein Elementary School

Our 3rd graders are currently working diligently in the 1000 number range. For this purpose, a number line was made and a 1000 butterfly meadow was made. On some days, you can’t overlook the “smoking” heads of the students. Afterwards we enjoyed the break together in our beautiful school garden.

Stella Seebenstein Middle School

In history, we are going through life in the Stone Age right now. To better imagine life as a hunter-gatherer, the students were allowed to pick up a bow and try to hunt a mammoth.

Our 6th grade children thought about, planned and held a gym class. Not only the children of the primary and middle schhool were enthusiastic, but also our gymnastics teacher was amazed at the implementation!

Elementary school (Vienna)

A few weeks ago, the 1st, 2nd and 4th grades were at the school sports day. The children were able to learn about and try out many different sports.

The 4th grade was at the water school in mid-October. During the visit of the third and last module for us, the children learned interesting facts about the history of water supply in ancient Rome. The final highlight was a visit to the water tower. The children went all the way to the top and could even see the Schneeberg (the “Snow Mountain” a mountain near Vienna).

The 4th grade completed their cover page for their wing folder in drawing class using the technique of linocut and print. They also created flashlights in the technical handicrafts class, while in the textile handicrafts class, stitch after stitch was crocheted.

Secondary school (Vienna)

The 3A class went on an excursion to the Spittelau thermal power plant in mid-October.

During the guided tour, workshop and subsequent independent experimentation, everything revolved around the topics of heat, electricity, energy and the environment.

The papers were about presenting a person who particularly interested the speaker. It went from Alexander the Great to Elon Musk. The many different “leaders”, who have all interacted with the world in very different ways, made our presentation topic so interesting and exciting! 😊

We, the second grade, were very happy! We also hope that the first classes enjoyed it as well. We say thank you to all the teachers who participated in the organization, but also thank you to the first classes and of course to the speakers from 2A.

The 1st grade is currently learning about the diversity of wood as a material in “Technology and Design”. How quickly a stacking game can be produced independently from wooden slats impressed and excited many students from 1A and 1B.

Nature has always fascinated and inspired people who create art. Therefore, the 2A collected leaves and flowers for “Visual Education. First they looked at them, then they transferred the details to paper with brushes and watercolor.

In the last units of visual education, the 5A class devoted themselves to the exciting topic of “handlettering”. They illustrated positive and motivational sayings, and also created handlettering cards on themes of their own choosing.

Stella Parents (Vienna)

This Thursday was this year’s Stella Fathers Community Opening Party. It was a great opportunity to meet other fathers during barbecue and to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and good mood.