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Dear Friends of Stella International School!

The last weeks have flown by – we have experienced so much! It would go beyond the scope of a short newsletter – but here are some highlights from everyday school life: The first classes of the elementary school in Vienna already feel at home in school – in lessons, at the letter day, at gymnastics, at excursions and celebrations and funny break arrangements …

Each class created a beautiful Thanksgiving feast of their own.

The 3rd grade went to the nature tour “Heavenly Pond”, where at the end the children made the meadow unsafe with a beaker loupe and caught everything that was not at “three” on the trees. There was also an excursion to the papyrus museum under the title “A journey through time to ancient Egypt”. After the guided tour about the production of papyrus and interesting facts about hieroglyphics, the children were allowed to write their own messages with hieroglyphics on papyrus in the workshop.

The fourth graders went on a taster visit to the Gymnasium to find out what awaits them there next year. The second-graders of the Gymnasium skillfully explained the school’s focus, gave a tour of the building, and answered the most important questions. The second-graders of the Gymnasium skillfully explained the school’s focus, gave a tour of the building, and answered the most important questions.

The 2nd grade children earned special praise during a visit to the Museum of Art History, where the museum guide commented, “Stella High School was my highlight, I’ve never had a class so at home with Greek mythology.” A nice compliment! The children have also been working on their mission statement and we are seeing the first effects of the leadership program we have been working with continuously for the past year with students, teachers and also parents.

The students of the first grade Gymnasium have also experienced a lot: The team-building days at Schlaining Castle are a fixed part of our program and were also a first step this year, through which the children grew together. In the history lesson “In the footsteps of the Stone Age people”, the children were able to try out the simplest way to make fire with fire steel and birch bark. Or they learned to experiment with the digital whiteboard and create real works of art with it.

At the Day of Vienna Schools, there was a big rush at both the elementary school and the secondary school. Pre-registrations are numerous and there are already long waiting lists for both types of schools. Admission talks are in full swing.

For parents, the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” seminar series has begun again, working through the concepts that also underlie the students’ Leader in Me program once a month on a Wednesday from 6-8 p.m.

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Things are already coming alive on the construction site for our new school building on the Donauplatte: The construction office has set up shop right there on the site, and the official groundbreaking will take place in the next few weeks.

Another look at our new location in Seebenstein. There we had a big official opening party at the beginning of October: In the presence of LR Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Schulamtsleiterin Andrea Pinz, Bgm. Marion Wedl from Seebenstein and a large number of representatives of the community, parents and children, people from politics, education, media and the population from the surrounding area and the former house owners – the Franciscan School Sisters – were present.

After the opening service in the newly renovated chapel of the house and an official part, which was musically arranged by the school and kindergarten children, there was open house for everyone. Many wanted to see how the renovation has succeeded and are happy that life has returned to the Herminenhaus. The next official date is an open house on Friday, Dec. 9, 2022 from 9 a.m. – noon. Also in Seebenstein the enrollments for the next school year are already underway.

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Lastly, a request on our own behalf: we are looking for a good after-school teacher as we are expanding the groups. Please pass the word around your circle of acquaintances and encourage potential applicants to write us.

Wishing you all a good and productive time this fall!



Heidi Burkhart

& the Team of Stella International School