The School Management

Andrea Bernhard BEd – Director

Andrea Bernhard BEd did her elementary school teacher training at the Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule in Graz. During her studies she taught at two different schools in Graz, and led a youth club on a voluntary basis. The topic of her bachelor thesis was the “Presentation of the pedagogical concept Fomento with a special focus on the lexical English language skills of five-year-old children”. She conducted fieldwork in schools in Madrid.

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Andrea Bernhard is also a co-founder of the Stella Kindergarten and is involved in the board of the Stella Kindergruppen association. She has worked for several years as a group leader, an English teacher and finally as a parent caretaker with Stella Baumgarten. Andrea Bernhard has been a member of the Executive Board of the Gesellschaft für Familienorientierung (GFO) since 2011 and is involved in the management and moderation of parenting seminars in various Austrian cities. In addition, she gives lectures for parents and adolescents mainly on topics of education and personal development.
“School must be a place where children feel very comfortable, but are also challenged. In elementary school, children are in the ‘golden age of education’. They not only learn the necessary skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, but above all they develop attitudes and habits that they will carry throughout their lives: How do I deal with my fellow human beings? How do I learn to use my freedom responsably? In this sense, I would like to give children the tools for a happy and successful life. That’s what we do at the Stella International School. “


Beatrice Ledebur BEd – Classroom Teacher

Beatrice Ledebur BEd is a native of Austria. She grew up bilingually (German and English) and completed her studies for elementary school teaching at the Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien. After completing her education, she taught at two Viennese schools, including a multi-level class. Her leisure time activities are diverse, ranging from social work (in Tanzania, Namibia and Sri Lanka) to sports and cultural activities. She plays the piano and the guitar, likes to dance, ride, swim, and engage in martial arts.

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“In addition to the concept of developing good habits, Stella International School’s multi-level system provides the perfect design for both calm and active, learning and teaching, together. Apart from the social components, the composition and structure of the classes create both a free and flowing ambience, which is very close to my heart. I also like to use role-playing activities in which children play and reenact sketches or historical events to facilitate knowledge. In multi-level classes, one can address children’s needs individually and, therefore, not only help them overcome their weaknesses, but above all, promote their strengths. If a child has strengths in a particular area beyond their grade level, the thirst for knowledge does not have to be curtailed, but rather the weekly plan allows the child to engage partly at a higher level (free work). I am very pleased to teach at this school. “


Miriam Radovac Bac – Recreational pedagogue

Miriam Radovac is originally from Croatia and grew up bilingually in Austria. She is fluent in Croatian, German and English. She completed her pedagogical studies at the University of Vienna and is currently doing her master’s degree while exercising her profession. Her earlier professional experiences were in social institutions as a special education teacher. She also has many years of experience as a children’s swimming instructor. Miriam is a sports enthusiast and enjoys spending her free time in nature and in the water.

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“Children develop themselves in sports and playful activities and, above all, learn to interact with each other, to support one another, to forgive one another and to respect one another. This leads to developing good friendships among the children. I try to create enjoyable sports activities and guide the children toward being disciplined and focussed during their lessons. “

MMAg. Monika Stadelbauer – Music Teacher

Monika Stadlbauer studied Music and Instrumental Music Education at the University of Music in Vienna. She completed her teacher training in Music and French and taught these subjects in High School. Together with teaching, she has a love for Church Music, which she studied together with Catholic theology at the University of Music in Vienna and at the University of Vienna. She has experience as a Religion Teacher in several elementary schools. For many years she has also worked on many occasions as an organist and cantor.

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“A child is a world, a universe. Each child has creative and playful abilities that are expressed in different ways, of which music is one. At the center of any musical instruction in elementary school is a playful, exploratory, and discerning use of a musical instrument. The tasks in teaching basic musical skills are quite diverse. Every child brings different tastes, expressions and talents to their musical education. The afternoon program of Music Education at Stella International School is a cozy place where the child’s soul can begin to resonate with the instrument and with its own voice. At first It takes time and patience, as well as the ability to wait and see what lies beneath the surface in each of us.

I look forward to the next few weeks and months when, together with the tools that the twelve notes our great European culture has provided us with in Music, we can enjoy being creative and full of life!”

Rada Lukova – Piano teacher