School Life and Afternoon Care

Life at Stella Primary School: afternoon care

As at most schools in Austria, academic tuition at Stella International School primarily takes place in the mornings. We offer afternoon care for your child, with a wide range of activities in the areas of music, sports, languages, creativity and more, to inspire new interests in the children and develop skills not directly covered by the school curriculum. We run clubs and classes on the basis of demand, with a minimum number of children required. Parents can indicate their children’s interests when pre-registering for afternoon care, so that we can create the schedule in good time before the school year starts.


In the academic year 2022/23, clubs and classes will be:

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Ball sports (if Covid restrictions permit)
  • French club

For our lunch and snack: https://diekinderkü

Bridging lunchtime

period lunch Total/month
5 days a week
Midday bridge 1 hour 11:45-12:45 no 40,00 €

Afternoon care

One of the three after-school care options listed below can be chosen per child:

period lunch Total/month
5 days a week
Lunch 11:45-13:30 yes 210,00 €
Homework 11:45-14:30 yes 250,00 €
full day 11:45-17:00 yes 270,00 €


Veramaria Mandl

After-school teacher

Wan Jye CHOW

After-school care assistant

Veronika Pozoga

After-school care assistant

Katarina Kubovicsova

After-school teacher


Have a look around our photo gallery to gain an impression of life at Stella Primary School. You can find more pictures and stories on our Facebook page.

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