Parental talks

Parental Talks and Parenting

We value our partnership with the parents of our students.

In order to develop their children’s potential and character, we work closely with parents at Stella International School. Parents are the most important teachers their children will ever have, and nobody can assume this work for them. Our approach is to ensure a sustained exchange between home and school, so that educational content and developmental stages can be discussed and coordinated together.

We accompany and support our parents in this important task and, together with our parents, repeatedly ask ourselves the question:

“What can we do proactively to help our children progress at all levels of development?”

Discussions with parents also help in identifying and viewing possible problems and crisises objectively, and to embrace them as opportunities. In addition, parenting seminars, educational lectures and parent evenings with a pedagogical focus are offered at our school.

We offer parenting lectures and parents evenings with a pedagogical focus.

In summary: Parental talks and Parenting at Stella Internantional School

+ 2 – 4 times a year with both parents
+ Support in educational matters
+ Sustainable exchanges for the good of the child
+ Coping with crisises and problems
+ How do we bring about the child’s growth together? Possibilities for parents to attend parenting seminars.