Good habits

Good habits and attitudes

Good habits and attitudes are particularly promoted at Stella International School. A ‘good habit’ is agreed upon with the parents, according to the curriculum and every fortnight it changes. Parents, school and children pull together in this effort.

“Education is what’s left over when we forget what we’ve learned. “

… the thought of a thinker ..

Much of school-learned content will be forgotten over time. What carries on thoughout out lives are those attitudes and habits that we acquire in childhood. Elementary school plays a central role here: work attitudes, self-organization, the ability to think independently, social skills in dealing with fellow human beings – elementary school time is very important for the acquisition of these traits.

During the year, Stella International School focuses on nine specific attitudes or good habits: order, generosity, gratitude, hard work, strength, respect, honesty, sense of responsibility and joy. Goals in acquiring these good habits are articulated.

For example:

Generosity – I let everybody play and exclude nobody”

Gratitude – I am grateful for the beautiful in my life”

Order” – I help the classroom be neat and beautiful”

The “good habit” is an underlying theme in teaching using motivational images. Also, you as a parent receive this motivational picture along with some exercises and tips to use at home to reinforce the good habit.