Christian values

Christian Values

Christian Catholic values are at the heart of Stella International School.

Within the framework of school projects, we offer opportunities to experience and practice a living solidarity with, and generosity towards, the disadvantaged in our society.

We are convinced that the spiritual dimension is an integral part of a well-balanced personality. To this end, we celebrate liturgical feast days with students and their families, as well as organize school Masses and other Christian celebrations. The pastoral care of the school is entrusted to a priest of Opus Dei.

In promoting these activities, we are observing the Christian traditions of our country.

In religious education, students are gently led to aspire toward actively practicing their Christian faith in their everyday lives.

In short: Christian values ​​at Stella International School

+ Christian solidarity and generosity
+ Observation of the Christian traditions of our country
+ Gentle guidance toward a living faith in everyday life