English language skills for a global world

At home in the world

One of the focal points of our educational approach centres on giving our students the tools they need to engage successfully with the global, intercultural world of the twenty-first century – a world that connects people across national borders and cultures and whose wellbeing depends on reciprocal communication and mutual understanding.

English is the most frequently used lingua franca for international communication in areas such as business, politics, science and academia. With this in mind, we incorporate English into our teaching from the very beginning, with one lesson a week from Year 1 of primary schooling. We teach specific curricular phases of some subjects in English and benefit from the support of subject teaching assistants whose first language is English.

Additionally, we seek links with other schools in Austria and beyond and run joint projects with them.

Bilingual tuition

Stella International School holds ‘English Weeks’ during which the whole school works on projects in English for several weeks at a time. We also maintain partnerships with schools from other countries for the promotion of intercultural communication and engagement.

Here are some of the other ways in which we embed English in our school’s culture:

  • All our staff speak English among themselves on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • We welcome all children to school and say goodbye to them in English every day.
  • Our before-school care supervisors speak English with the children.
  • We start the day in English before commencing the first lesson.

Primary School

We are a Cambridge School’. At the end of Year 4, pupils take mandatory external tests towards their Cambridge English Language Assessment, demonstrating their abilities in listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing in order to attain a Cambridge Certificate.

Secondary School

We expect Year 8 students to take a qualification at CEFR level B2. This gives them significant educational and potential professional advantages and represents the first step towards  possible study abroad. 20,000 universities, employers and governments across the globe officially recognise Cambridge English exams.

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