Corporate donations

Corporate donations

Does our philosophy align with your vision and values?

We welcome support from companies for the outstanding education we strive to provide. We warmly welcome your corporate donation, and have a few ideas that may inspire you.



Dr. Heidi Burkhart

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Donation account

Stella International School Association
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Advertise us

Why not give us a place in your business communications – perhaps in your staff or customer newsletter, in your email footer, on your headed paper,  on your staff pay statements, or in your post to customers and other organisations. We will be happy to do the same for you, spreading the word about your commitment to our families and our networks of contacts. Of course, we will provide you with all the necessary information and materials so extra work for you is kept to a minimum.

Joint projects

Do you sell a product that fits our cause? A Stella star, toy building blocks, or learning materials for the young minds of the future? We could run a joint campaign to boost sales of your product and generate income for us (on the basis of a percentage of the product’s purchase price).

If you have a type of product you would be interested in donating to our kindergarten, primary or secondary school, please get in touch.

Occasion Donation for Top Youngsters

For cash donations, you can set up an attractive donation box.

Donation matching

If you offer to match donations by individuals –  as part of a specific campaign or event, for example – you can help increase willingness to donate among our target groups and advance your corporate social responsibility.

Little by little, do a lot of good

Why don’t you encourage your staff to donate the portion of their salary that appears after the decimal point on their pay statement each month – i.e. between 1 and 99 cents? Perhaps you as a company could round up the amount to show you appreciate and support this gesture by your staff?

Would you like

to support us?

Stella International School came into being on the initiative of a group of committed parents. We seek to provide a cosmopolitan education centred on values that will enable young people to forge the society of tomorrow. Public funds cannot cover the crucial extra support, inspiration, resources and activities a Stella education gives.

For this reason, we ask you to please support us with your donation!