Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Dr. Heidi Burkhart


The head of the project to form the Stella International School is Dr. Heidi Burkhart. She holds a doctorate in education, is a graduate concert violinist and a trainer at the FranklinCovey Leadership Institute. She co-founded Hilfswerk Austria International, one of the leading development agencies in Austria, and was its managing director for 25 years. In the course of this activity, Heidi Burkhart has led numerous humanitarian development projects in crisis and post-conflict regions in more than 50 countries worldwide on five continents and has contributed to the establishment of sustainable structures. Since 2016, she has been working with her team on building the Stella International School.

My message

“Having been able to cooperate with people in so many countries in the course of my work for the Hilfswerk International, I now want to get involved with families and children in Austria. It is my deepest conviction that schooling should not only be about imparting knowledge, but also about character building. A person who has experienced this early on will, as an adult, be more able to take responsibility and assume leadership. ‘Are the children small, give them roots, are they big, give them wings’ is a motto that I personally stand for, and that also inspires us at Stella International School. Working closely with the parents of our students gives this approach an even deeper sustainable dimension. “

Dr. Matthias Gass
Finance Officer


Andrej Radovac, BA


Dr. Birgit S. Moser-Zoundjiekpon
Representative of the Archbishop’s Office of School and Education

MMag. Dr Lukas Lienhart
Board member

Dr. Veronika Erich
Board member

Andrea Schörghuber, BA
Assistent to board of directors