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Here we have deposited some materials for you. When using images, please make sure to cite the source. We would be pleased if you would inform us briefly and informally about publications.

Please also feel free to use our filler ads! If you need a format that cannot be found here, please contact us – we will provide it immediately.

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You have free advertising space in your newspaper/magazine and want to fill it for a good cause?

Stella International School is a private educational initiative, started by parents who want a school for the future for their children: with education for the head and education for the heart. The school already exists, the demand is great – we need a new house for this school. Let’s build it together! In the following downloads you will find one, two and three-column ad templates as well as a DIN A4 format, each in four colours and in black and white. All free advertisements are available as printable PDV files. All downloads are summarised below as ZIP files.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Thank you very much!


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