🚩 Stella Newsletter: November 2021

Dear friends of Stella International School,

In the last few weeks we really got into school operations with many highlights. The children have made interesting excursions – for example, as “environmental scouts” they explored nature and especially the forest.

One class took part in the musical theater for children “Papa Haydn tells” and found out what a famous composer experienced. For the first grades, some nice police officers came to visit and trained the children in traffic.

Several parents were and still are on duty during the “letter days”.

And for the multi-level class there was even a puzzle night – again a particularly funny experience that welded the class community together even more and was a reward for the hard work of the children. All of these activities took place in strict compliance with the current Corona measures. A big thank you to our teachers for their creativity and their tireless efforts to make the time at school very special. The shared experiences are not only fun, but also strengthen the joy of learning and working together. And at the same time they are an opportunity to put the “good habits” into practice in a wide variety of situations: generosity, order, gratitude…

The 1.A-class in high school has already experienced a lot in the first few weeks. The highlight was three team building days at Schlaining Castle, from which the children didn’t want to come back. There they were able to apply the first insights from the Leader in Me program well – e.g. win-win-thinking in competitions and skill exercises, where the aim was for the entire class to solve a difficult task as a team as quickly and skillfully as possible. A joint Holy Mass with our school chaplain was another opportunity for the children to thank God for these wonderful days in nature and with their friends and teachers.

On the part of the school management, we are in an intensive phase of registrations for the coming school year – elementary school and high school. We are also working intensively on the project development for the new building at the new location in Donau City and we are making progress step by step.

Now some current information:

  • In September we opened a third group in the Stella Kindergarten (www.stella-kindergarten.at) and there are still some free places. Children can also join during the year – please pass the information on to your friends and acquaintances, some are still looking for Kindergarten places. If you are interested, please contact us at bettina.kleedorfer@stella-kindergarten.at, Tel. +431 921 21 25.
  • We are now looking for a guitar teacher for the extracurricular offers in the afternoon, as our previous teacher can no longer take on this task due to a new full-time job.
  • There are still remnants of the Christmas cards drawn by our school children in the shop. You can order here (link to order).

We wish you all the best for the next few weeks,

Sincerely yours,

Heidi Burkhart, Chairperson

and the Stella International School Team


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