🚩 Stella Newsletter: March 2019

Dear friends of Stella International School!

Recently our students visited the Albertina Museum. We saw the paintings of several artists and were able to associate their work with the art and music theory that had previously been studied. The children also painted pictures themselves and were able to leave the Museum with increased knowledge of these paintings – indeed a wonderful addition to the arts program of the school. And everything in English – congratulations to our young beginners!

Speaking of English, have you already registered your children for the Summer Camp?

Which good habit or attitude is being emphasized during the month of March? It’s all about RESPECT. For example, “I eat properly and use cutlery”. That seems quite natural – but it is not. Well-groomed manners in seemingly external things also reflect deeper values, and need to be learned. They are like ‘clothing’  on one’s personality, a message to the outside world. It is easy to define common family goals with this good habit.

The school continues to evolve. Since the start of last September, we’ve had over 20,000 views on our website, welcomed more than 1,600 visitors, and the number of subscribers to the newsletter has risen to over 550. This is accompanied by a growing interest in the school as seen through constantly increasing visitor numbers and requests for enrollments.

This is very gratifying, and is accompanied by a request.

We want to erect a scholarship fund so that even families who have several children or are temporarily in a strained economic situation but fully support the school concept, can also send their children to our school.

We ask for your help, for example, through a standing order of € 50 / month or an amount of your choice.

We would also like to offer banner ads to companies, and you can reserve yours through a sponsorship subscription. You will help us grow tremendously, so a big thank you in advance!

At our next information evening we will tell you more about the future of our school. This will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 19: 30h – we look forward to welcoming you!

With kind regards

Heidi Burkhart, President 
& the team at Stella International School

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