🚩 Stella Newsletter: June 2020

Dear friends of Stella International School,

The following newsletter is the last one that you will receive this school year.

To start with, I would like to focus on the most important aspect of school life:

  • all our children have passed the External Exam (Externistenprüfung) – we are very happy for everyone and want to congratulate you! This year, the achievement is especially outstanding because the preparation was much more difficult due to the corona crisis and unregular class schedules. A big thank you to all the teachers and parents for being flexible and working together so well.
  • Another good news: some days later the school has received Public Recognition (Öffentlichkeitsrecht) for the school year 2019/20!

This month’s good habit is “joy”.

The guiding principle is the following: “If I can forgive quickly, I am happy.” In school we notice how everyone is making an effort: not being resentful because of anger that was caused; not lacking humor when things go wrong; being ready to make the first step in order to solve a difficult situation etc. How pleasant it is to see so many kind faces at school!

Now looking to the near future: In a few days, our summer camp will start. In case somebody would like to participate on short notice – there is still a last-minute opportunity to register.

In fall, new children will start their first year at school. And in order to be able to offer enough space for activities despite the higher number of pupils, we are going to rent a multi-functional room in immediate vicinity of the school:

the “Stella-Kubus” – there we can create an opportunity for the children to move and a space for initiatives of parents

I want to ask you a favor: We are looking for a second pianino for the piano classes in the afternoon – could somebody be so kind as to lend or gift us one? You would support us enormously!

We wish you and your families wonderful, relaxing summer holidays and we are already looking forward to seeing you again in fall!


Heidi Burkhart, President
and the team of Stella International School

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