🚩 Stella Newsletter: January 2019

Dear Friends of Stella International School!

We hope you have spent wonderful holidays with your loved ones and have had a great start to the new year!

At school, phones and doorbells are currently ringing off the hook. Many new families have come to enroll their children for the upcoming 2019/20 school year. They have heard good things about Stella and are looking for a school that emhasizes character building together with a solid educational foundation, in close cooperation with parents. If you still want to register your children, please contact us as soon as possible as places are becoming scarce.

In the fall, new teachers are looking forward to joining our team. If you know good teachers who share our values, have sufficient experience, and enjoy working in an innovative educational project, tell them about the Stella International School! We are happy to invite them to a non-binding interview, which may lead to employment or other forms of coopertive participation in our education programs (eg educational working groups), which we provide for our team and are also open to other teachers.

Now, a quick look at recent school activities includes ice skating, which was of course a special highlight, our Christmas cards were sold out, and the Advent Mass in the Peterskirche really put us all in a holiday mood. Now we are eager to finish our first semester well.

Now all the best for the holidays, and a spirited start to the 2nd semester!


Your team at Stella International School

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