🚩 Stella Newsletter: April 2020

Dear friends of Stella International School,

The last weeks have challenged our creativity: From homeschooling with digital didactic material, study videos and virtual school lessons to piano classes via skype, to online parent’s talks, to training events via diverse platforms… Basically, the whole school operation continued without interruption. A steep learning curve for everyone!

Primarily, I want to use this newsletter to thank you all – first of all the parents, who are more occupied than usual in between job, daily life and schooling of several children at home. Furthermore, I want to thank the teachers and educators for their grand effort and endless creativity. And last but not least the children, who participate excellently and improve and deepen the class spirit and friendships even from the distance.

Certainly, everyone of us asked themselves several times what this crisis means. It made us – besides hoping for continued health and that the illness will not further expand – contemplate, which sense we can find in this situation. And for sure it also made us discover new values, which might be not as important to us usually – time and care for the people who we are the closest to, paying more attention to the needs of others, gratitude for what we have and so on.

With the support of God, this situation will make us stronger and hopefully, a normal daily life will be established again soon. We are all looking forward to it!

Lastly, I want to point out our next “Stella Parent’s Leadership Talk” which will take place next Wednesday, 15/04/2020, at 7pm and will deal with the topic “Work-Life-Balance – sharpening the saw”. Please feel free to register via the application button (go to application), we´ll send you then the link with the invitation to the virtual Conference Room.

With the best wishes for happy, blessed Easter festivities for you and your families,

Sincerely yours

Heidi Burkhart

and the Team of Stella International School

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